Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Cupcake Sundays, S'mores Edition!!

Choosing the right cupcake for Cupcake Sunday is tricky. There are so many great recipies out there, and I'm really trying to try different things. I've been using the same Betty Crocker Cookbook, and I have a lot of trouble deciding what to do. Earlier in the week, it was suggested that I do something chocolate and I agreed but then I was silently kicking myself. Now I love chocolate but I wasn't happy with the chocolate cupcakes on Super Bowl Sunday. They looked adorable, but the cake was really dry and heavy. I wasn't sure if I missed something or cooked them to long, or if this just wasn't the right recipie. I decided to make a S'more cupcake with a marshmallow topping and I just kept forgetting to find a new recipe and had to do with what I had.

My plan was to do a chocolate cupcake, marshmallow topping, and then put a graham cracker on top. As I told my plan to my sister Paige, she suggested that I make graham cracker crust for the bottom as well so there would be graham cracker on the top and bottom like a real S'more. Brilliant idea! I had never made a graham cracker crust before so another new adventure take a look:

I ended up using the same chocolate cake recipe I had, as nervous as I was. I usually make buttercream frostings for my cupcakes, so this marshmallow frosting was another first. A jar of fluff, some sugar and butter later and I had a yummy, but maybe a bit too sweet for me, frosting. Now the cupcakes themselves, I was so nervous, came our great! I don't know what was different from the last time, maybe I missed and ingredient or took them out of the oven sooner, but they were light and chocolatly delicous! I've told you before that my mom helps me decorate, but she was in California so this was all me, and i have to say I was very happy with how they came out:

They look cute don't they? I think so :) I have a new hit on my hands, I had quite a few people tell me this was their new favorite. I'm pretty impressed with myself, I can't wait to see how next weeks come out. First I have to pick a recipe.... any ideas??

Happy Baking!!


  1. Just saw a recipe for a banana split cupcake on Pinterest - I'm putting in a request for you to try those next:) They look SO yummy!

    1. Those banana split ones sound amazing! I really want to try them! Make sure you're ready to test them out :)