Tuesday, February 14, 2012

First Four Weeks of Cupcake Sundays!

So I told you that my mom and I watch a lot of cupcake wars, and we got very excited about all of the different recipes we saw. We wanted to try new things and so I went out and found a cookbook to help me get started, I'm not ready to start truly experimenting yet. My first week featured Snicker Doodle cupcakes, I loved making the cookies when I was little and I was very excited to try them. And I have to say, the came out amazing! Take a look for yourself:

Week 2 was a Banana cupcake with chocolate chips and chocolate frosting. My mom ran around everywhere to find runts so we could put banana shaped candies to put on top. Take a look at the finished product:

Week 3 fell on Super Bowl Sunday! I will admit I'm not a big football fan but I wanted to do something to celebrate the day. I made chocolate cupcakes with a peppermint frosting that I dyed green. I used a while gel to draw field goals on the green "field" I used egg shaped candies as the football making a goal. They came out pretty cute if i do say so myself :)

Week 4 I decided to try a Mimosa cupcake, made with actual champagne and orange juice. Of course I enjoyed a very large Mimosa cupcake while making this round. Another hit cupcake! (sorry I don't know hot to rotate this on my blog, its the right way on my computer, but I wanted you to see the cupcakes with my Mimosas!)

I'm not sure what this edition of Cupcake Sunday will bring, but stay tuned! I'm also trying to start cooking more so I may be posting those attempts as well!

Happy Baking!

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